Real-world skills built through
real-world learning

At TechTrek, we believe that students can achieve their brightest 

potential by developing both the applied skills and soft skills that 

academic institutions and employers demand in the 21st century.  

Our context-based STEAM coding courses foster these skills and 

leave students uniquely prepared for future success

Our context-based teaching approach connects learning with the real world. The result is fun and exciting classes 

that ensure deep engagement for students as they develop the comprehensive skills necessary for 21st century success

In our classes, students join our diverse team of characters on an incredible educational journey. 

Each week, our characters are there to guide and inspire students, present the context and story 

for each lesson, and demonstrate how to overcome every kind of challenge. We believe that the 

deepest learning is achieved when a student truly engages with the material, and our characters 

bring student engagement to a whole new level

We believe that the deepest learing is achieved when a studenttruly engages with the material, 

and our characters bring student engagement to a whole new level

The STEAM educational approach lies at the heart of TechTrek’s teaching philosophy. The rapid pace of 

technological advancement has created a demand for a workforce that is adept at Science, Technology, 

Engineering and Math. However, independent understanding of these subjects is not enough, innovators 

of the future need complex problem solving skills developed through the integrated understanding of the 

connection of these key subjects.In addition to these core skills, future leaders need the creativity, ingenuity 

and critical-thinking skills that are fostered through studying the Arts. STEAM is an experiential learning 

framework that results in students who are equipped with the skills needed to thrive in the 21st century

STEAM is an experiential learning framework that results in students 

who are equipped with the skills needed to thrive in the 21st century

Through Project-based learning, students acquire deeper knowledge and develop lasting skills by working for an extended time to investigate and solve an authentic, real-world problem. Based on the PBL educational method, our unique TechTrek learning experience brings student engagement to a whole new level. By presenting students with exciting, meaningful problems and the skills to solve them, our courses ensure long-term skills retention and enduring knowledge possession

By presenting students with exciting, meaningful problems and the skills to solve them, our courses 

ensure long-term skills retention and enduring knowledge possession

Research has revealed that there are four 21st century skills valued above all others.  These are the ‘4Cs’; critical-thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.  At TechTrek we believe that these skills are not only key to basic problem-solving, but are also fundamental building blocks for future success in academics, careers, and life.  We have built 4Cs learning into all of our courses to ensure that our students are able to grow into accomplished global citizens

We have built 4Cs learning into all of our courses to ensure that our 

students are able to grow into accomplished global citizens