It's not just a class,It's an adventure
STEAM Coding
Learning for the real world
International courses, tailored to meet the
needs of young learners in China
Each level provides exciting, age-appropriate coding and tech challenges that inspire students
to deeply engage and create the passion for a lifetime of tech learning
Real-world skills built through real-world learning
Our context-based teaching approach connects learning with the real world. The result is fun and exciting classes that ensure deep engagement for students as they develop the comprehensive skills necessary for 21st century success
Clear educational goals and outcomes
Students learn best when their parents and family are involved in the learning process. Our courses have standardized learning outcomes and reporting to ensure that students and their parents have a clear picture of their progress
Always learning, always sharing
Keep up with TechTrek and learn about the world of coding,technology and education
More opportunities to enjoy the TechTrek learning experience!
We host holiday camps and special events year-round. There's always more to see, more to do and more to learn here at TechTrek